Sonwai is the artistic name used by Verma Nequatewa.  
Verma began working with her uncle, the late Charles Loloma, in the mid-1960's and continued working with him until his studio closed in the early 1990's.  At that time, she opened her own studio and has been continuing his teachings through her own jewelry. 

Sonwai jewelry is available at the following galleries:

Faust Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

Shiprock Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

Funny Co., Ltd.. Japan

Raven Makes Gallery, Sisters, Oregon

In 2007, Verma published the book, Visions of Sonwai, which showcases many of her jewelry pieces from her 20 years of working under the Sonwai hallmark.  

The book is still available from Sonwai, Inc.  Please
contact Sonwai, Inc. at
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