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The Heard Museum has a retrospective of her work running through March, 2019. See https://heard.org/exhibits/sonwai-the-jewelry-of-verma-nequatewa/  

18k gold stud earrings with Lone Mountain stones. 
Silver earrings with ebony.  
Silver maiden bolo with inlay of coral, sugulite, turquoise, gold.
The award Verma received at the 2018 Moondance Gala of the Heard Museum.
Welcome to Sonwai
Silver earrings with dangles and inlay of coral, ebony, turquoise.  

Silver cloud pin with inlay of turquoise, lapis, coral.  dangles with turquoise, coral and silver beads. 
Verma at the entrance to the Sonwai retrospective at the Heard Museum.
Silver pendant with inlay of turquoise, coral, sugulite, gold
18k gold ring with two Bisbee stones.  
Silver cast bracelet with inside inlay of turquoise, coral, sugulite, lapis.  
Silver cast 4-band bracelet with Morenci stone in gold bezel. 
18k gold earrings with Nevada Blue stones. 
Silver cast bracelet with inlay of ebony, turquoise, coral, sugulite, gold.  
Silver cast ring with inlay of ebony, turquoise, coral, gold.  
Single 18k gold earring with coral, turquoise and ebony beads.