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Verma's next show is at the Faust Gallery March 5, 2020.  Verma does not have a booth at the Heard Museum Indian Market, but will often be around her grand-daughter's booth, Alicia Nequatewa.   

18k gold ring with coral stone.  
18k gold watch bracelet with inlay of turquoise, lapis, coral, sugulite, gold.  
14k gold pendant with inlay of corals, turquoise, sugulite, gold. 
18k gold peek-a-boo cast band ring with inside inlay of turquoise, lapis lazuli, coral.  
Welcome to Sonwai
18k gold ring with Morenci stone. 

18k gold shape ring with inlay of corals, Lander Blue turquoise, gold.  
Silver cast badger hand pendant with Lander Blue stone in gold bezel.  
Lapis bead necklace with 18k tips and chain, 18k pendant with Lone Mountain stone.  
18k gold ring with two turquoise stones, turquoise and coral inlay in the stones.   
Goild cast hand pendant with Bisbee stone.  
Silver shape ring with inlay of ebony, tiurquoise and coral beads, fossilized ivory, lapis lazuli.  
18k gold earrings with Nevada Blue stones. 
Silver cast bracelet with inlay of ebony, turquoise, coral, sugulite, gold.  
Silver cast bolo with 18k gold overlay and inlay of fossilized ivory, coral, ebony, turquoise, gold.  
Single 18k gold earring with coral, turquoise and ebony beads.